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Novel Cross-Linkable Thermoplastic Composite System


Title: Novel Cross-Linkable Thermoplastic Composite System

Authors: Quyen Nguyen, Tianlei Zhou, Omar De Anda, Masaya Kotaki

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/c.22.0040

Abstract: Thermosets and thermoplastics are distinct classes of polymers, whereby thermosets are irreversibly hardened upon curing, and cannot be re-shaped on heating while thermoplastics become pliable or moldable upon application of heat (solidifying upon cooling). While these resin systems have uniquely different characteristics, the potential applications for a hybrid system that provides desirable characteristics of both polymer types, while mitigating less desirable features, is highly sought after. As such, a cross-linkable thermoplastic resin system is being developed by Kaneka Aerospace. This new resin system was successfully impregnated with a plain weave carbon fiber system to produce a pre-impregnated carbon fabric. The laminate was shown to be capable of being re-shaped multiple times after consolidation, typically at 140C (284F) and 0.5 MPa (73 psi) applied pressure. The re-moldability characteristic of the laminate was demonstrated upon heating. A pre-cure stage is performed to hold the shape of the part to a mold, 160C (320F) to 190C (374F) for a short period, prior to a fully free standing final cure at 220C (428F). Once cured, the resin is fully cross-linked and thermoset composite characteristics are realized. The Tg of the resin has been recorded up to 220C (428F). The re-moldability and free standing oven cure capabilities of this hybrid pre-preg system set it apart from traditional thermoset and thermoplastic composites. In this presentation, we will introduce the developed physical and mechanical properties of this hybrid composite system as well as its processing features.

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Conference: CAMX 2022

Publication Date: 2022/10/17

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