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Reducing warpage in a hybrid large-scale additive manufacturing and compression molding process


Title: Reducing warpage in a hybrid large-scale additive manufacturing and compression molding process

Authors: Nikhil Garg , Eonyeon Jo , Deepak Kumar Pokkalla , Vipin Kumar , David Nuttall , Ahmed A. Hassen , Ryan Ogle , Uday Vaidya, Seokpum Kim

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/c.23.0098

Abstract: In recent years, a hybrid manufacturing process, developed by combining extrusion-based large-scale additive manufacturing (AM) and compression molding (CM) techniques, has shown promising outcomes for producing structurally functional parts. The process can be used with both short fiber-reinforced composites and neat polymers and hence, even multi-material parts can be manufactured easily. This process offers the advantages of structural enhancement by having a desired fiber orientation using a large-scale AM process, as well as rapid manufacturing capability using a CM process. In the large-scale AM process, the alignment of fibers in the deposition direction enables significant improvement in the mechanical properties of the manufactured parts. However, the anisotropy resulting from the directional arrangement of fibers also introduces challenges related to warpage in the produced parts. This study aims to identify the causes of warpage and propose strategies to mitigate it. The research involves the use of preforms manufactured through the large-scale AM, which are then combined with the neat resin for CM manufacturing. A finite element-based numerical simulation model is developed, employing a sequentially coupled thermomechanical approach. Through a parametric study using the simulation models, optimization of printing direction and preform geometry is performed to minimize warpage. This contributes to the advancement and wider adoption of AM/CM hybrid manufacturing to produce structurally functional parts.

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Conference: CAMX 2023

Publication Date: 2023/10/30

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