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An automated and reliable approach to monitor the surfaces of carbon fiber reinforced polymers prior to bonding for successful adhesion


Title: An automated and reliable approach to monitor the surfaces of carbon fiber reinforced polymers prior to bonding for successful adhesion

Authors: Sanzida Sultana, Joann Hillman, Ian Smith, Rose Roberts, R. Giles Dillingham

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/c.23.0133

Abstract: Carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) are widely used in high strength to weight ratio applications, including aerospace, automotive, wind, and sporting industries. However, reliable (i.e. predictable and controllable) bonding between CFRP and other metallic or CFRP surfaces, coating, painting, or sealing applications remains a significant challenge. Manufacturing processes, storage, transportation, and handling prior to bonding may introduce substantial changes to the CFRP surfaces (such as contamination) resulting in poor bond performance. Cleaning and surface treatments are widely employed to improve bonding of CFRP. Measuring and controlling the surface properties prior to bonding is critical for successful adhesion. This study compares different surface treatments, such as solvent wipe, abrasion, and plasma treatment on unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced polyether ether ketone (PEEK) composite surface. Water contact angle (WCA) mapping on the treated versus untreated surfaces via an automated WCA measurement technique shows significant spatial variation in surface state. This is an efficient method to quantify the surface chemical potential available to bond different surfaces since this approach is sensitive to cleanliness and surface composition. This high-speed technique can be integrated into a manufacturing facility as a quality check step. Thus, surface homogeneity can be ensured which is essential for durable adhesion. To corroborate the adhesion performance with WCA, lap shear test is performed for each surface condition using a room temperature adhesive. The study suggests that proper surface treatment, quantitative tracking of surface state and maintaining the treated surface prior to bonding are extremely important to achieve desired adhesion for manufacturing and repair of CFRP components, and an automated WCA measurement technique is instrumental for large-scale industrial deployment.

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Conference: CAMX 2023

Publication Date: 2023/10/30

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