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Heated tool recipe development for rapid consolidation of thermoplastic automated fiber placement laminate


Title: Heated tool recipe development for rapid consolidation of thermoplastic automated fiber placement laminate

Authors: Joseph P. Heil, Ron E. Jones

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/c.23.0172

Abstract: Thermoplastic composites are currently underused in aerospace; they are mainly featured in small detail parts. When considering the overall construction of an aircraft, thermoplastics have the potential to disrupt conventional assembly processes by eliminating bonding and reducing or eliminating fastening. However, first the ability to make large area components such as skins is necessary. In order to demonstrate high-rate manufacturing of large structural thermoplastic composites a combination of Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) and Vacuum Bag Only (VBO) consolidation was investigated. Flat panels laid up by laser assisted AFP were fabricated at 846 mm /s and then underwent a secondary VBO consolidation with heated tooling. Furthermore, the cycle time was optimized by shortening the dwell periods needed before melt and at the processing temperature. Panel quality was assessed by ultrasonic inspection, photomicrographs, and mechanical testing. The mechanical assessment was used to help to identify acceptable limits when it comes to porosity or ultrasonic attenuation. Toray T1100/ TC 1225 (PAEK) and Solvay IM8/PEKK-FC (PAEK Ultra) materials were investigated. AFP work was conducted at ElectroImpact while consolidation and testing was completed at Spirit Aerosystems. This body of work was supported by the NASA HiCAM project for developing high rate composite aircraft manufacturing processes.

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Conference: CAMX 2023

Publication Date: 2023/10/30

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