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Experimental investigation of glass fiber reinforced polymer columns under compression


Title: Experimental investigation of glass fiber reinforced polymer columns under compression

Authors: Chao Zhang, Maxwell Carey, Hota GangaRao

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/c.23.0174

Abstract: Glass Fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) composite materials are being implemented more extensively than before in various infrastructural applications due to the duration and use of production and installation, high strength to weight ratio, and lower CO2 emissions, higher corrosion resistance and other favorable attributes. This study evaluated the response of 45 full size box sections of various sizes made of GFRP composites under compression loads. The current study is a sequel to 150 FRP columns test in 2010, The testing comprised of various lengths and sizes of box sections (0.5ft to 8ft). The axial load was applied at the geometric centroid of a cross-section. The objective of this test program is to evaluate GFRP column response ti varying failure mechanisms, Euler buckling stresses, induced bending stresses due to fabric misalignment in a given section, residual stress build-up during post-curing and inability to attain perfect symmetry of compression loads(applied) during testing. Strain gauges were installed at bending and compression side of some test specimens to study the eccentricity effects due to imperfections and initial out-of-straightness, and others as explained above. The results demonstrate varying failure modes in closed (box) columns for varying cross-sectional sizes, which includes the secondary bending behavior due to the under applied axial loads. As the length of our test specimens increases, the failure mode transitions progressively from material failure to Euler or other buckling modes of failure i.e., eccentric load effects are decreased. Simultaneously, when the slenderness ratio exceeds 69.2”, the failure load approaches the theoretical Euler buckling values for the specimens test under this program. Varying effects of the modulus of elasticity in tension and compression on the eccentricity are evaluated, accounting for increase in eccentricity with load increase, i.e., P-Δ effect.

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Conference: CAMX 2023

Publication Date: 2023/10/30

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