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Automation of AFP Process Planning Functions: Importance and Ranking


Title: Automation of AFP Process Planning Functions: Importance and Ranking

Authors: Joshua A. Halbritter, Ramy Harik, Clint Saidy, August Noevere, and Brian W. Grimsley

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.19.1592

Abstract: Process planning represents an essential stage of the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) workflow for developing a useful and efficient machine process based upon the working material, composite design, and manufacturing resources. The current state of process planning requires a high degree of interaction from the process planner and could greatly benefit from increased automation. To identify the more difficult and time-consuming phase of process planning, it is important to discretize it, developing a list of its key steps and functions. Under the NASA Advanced Composites Project (ACP) a Collaborative Research Team (CRT) of industry members of the Advanced Composites Consortium (ACC), including Aurora Flight Sciences, the Boeing Company, Collier Research, Inc. and Spirit AeroSystems is developing a design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis tool. As a part of that development activity, a ranking process was performed through a survey of the DFM CRT members who possess practical process planning experience in the composites manufacturing industry. The process planning survey collected general input on the overall importance and time requirements for each function, in addition to which functions would benefit most greatly from semi-automation or full-automation.

References: 1. Rousseau, G., Wehbe, R., Halbritter, J., & Harik, R., ""Automated Fiber Placement Path Planning: A state-of-the-art review,"" Computer-Aided Design and Applications 16(2) (2019): 172-203. 2. Albazzan, M., Harik, R., Tatting, B., & Gürdal, Z., ""Efficient Design Optimization of Nonconventional Laminated Composites using Lamination Parameters: A State of the Art,"" CompositeStructures209 (2018): 362-374. 3. Sabido, A., Bahamonde, L., Harik, R., & van Tooren, M., ""Maturity Assessment of the Laminate Variable Stiffness Design Process,"" Composite Structures 160 (2017): 804-812. 4. Harik, R., Saidy, C., Williams, S., Gurdal, Z., and Grimsley, B. ""Automated Fiber Placement Defect Identity Cards: Cause, Anticipation, Existence, Significance, and Progression"". Proceedings of SAMPE 2018 Conference & Exhibition, Long Beach, California, 21 – 24 May 2018, Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering.

Conference: SAMPE 2019 - Charlotte, NC

Publication Date: 2019/05/20

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