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Controlled Topology Toughening Epoxy Via Incorporation of Partially Reacted Substructures


Title: Controlled Topology Toughening Epoxy Via Incorporation of Partially Reacted Substructures

Authors: Jian Gao and Giuseppe R. Palmese

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.19.1506

Abstract: This work investigates a new strategy to improve the toughness of epoxy resins by rearranging the topological structure of cross-linked networks. Amine-cured epoxy networks was modified with monoamine functionalized partially reacted substructures (mPRS), synthesized by partially curing tetraglycidyl ether of diaminodiphenylmethane (TGDDM) and a monoamine polyetheramine (Jeffamine M1000). mPRS resins with different degrees of polymerization were added to a mixture of Diglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A (DGEBA) and cured with Jeffamine D230. The addition of mPRS increased failure strain and energy dissipation. The mechanical properties could be adjusted by controlling the conversion and concentration of mPRS, resulting in yield strength 39 to 59 MPa and failure strain 15% to 44%. The improved ductility was also observed from compression testing. The observed differences came from the conversion of mPRS, which locally influenced the epoxy network topology and further influenced the mechanical behavior of the epoxy systems.

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Conference: SAMPE 2019 - Charlotte, NC

Publication Date: 2019/05/20

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