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Macroscopic Modeling of the Linear Viscoelastic Vibration Behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics


Title: Macroscopic Modeling of the Linear Viscoelastic Vibration Behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Authors: Fabian Urban and Peter Middendorf

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.20.0015

Abstract: At present, the simulation cannot satisfactorily reproduce the actual vibration behavior of short fiber reinforced plastics. This is because the required viscoelastic material data, in particular damping, is often not available. For this purpose, a new experimental method was developed which can characterize the exact stiffness and damping of the material for a wide frequency range, taking into account environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity as well as fiber orientation. Additionally an orthotropic material model was developed, which can describe the linear-viscoelastic vibration behavior on a macroscopic level with the measured material data and a 2nd order orientation tensor from the injection molding simulation. A validation was performed on cuboid test specimens and engine mounting brackets. Results showed that the approach achieves an accuracy in calculating the resonance frequencies of >4 %. It works with thermoplastics and thermosets without an iterative reverse engineering approach but with a significant effort needed to characterize the materials.

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