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Damage Tolerant Composites Reinforced with Z-Axis Milled Carbon Fiber


Title: Damage Tolerant Composites Reinforced with Z-Axis Milled Carbon Fiber

Authors: Anvesh Gurijala, Dr. Rasam Soheilian and Derek Mossop

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.20.0138

Abstract: Despite having high specific strength and stiffness, carbon fiber composites are prone to brittle and catastrophic failure. This behavior poses challenges when re-designing metal components with light and stiff composites, especially components with thin walls that are common in electronic devices. In this work, thin (~0.8 mm thickness) panels made with 30% Z-axis milled carbon fiber and 70% unidirectional (0°) carbon fiber (tradename: Supercomp™ 1015 Axial) are shown to match the flexural modulus and strength (per ASTM D-790) of 100% unidirectional (0°) carbon fiber panels with similar thickness and weight. Unlike the pure unidirectional fiber laminates, which fail catastrophically, the panels reinforced with Z-axis milled fiber can be loaded again after initial failure and they retain 42% of their original flexural strength. This work demonstrates a new approach to produce damage tolerant composites using Z-axis milled fiber reinforcement and is relevant for light and stiff enclosure designs for electronic devices.

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Conference: SAMPE 2020 | Virtual Series

Publication Date: 2020/06/01

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