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Remediation of Contaminated Bond Surfaces: Contaminant Mixtures


Title: Remediation of Contaminated Bond Surfaces: Contaminant Mixtures

Authors: R. Giles Dillingham, Brooke Campbell and Matthew Nichols

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.20.0153

Abstract: Aerospace manufacturing and repair environments include the very real possibility that bond surfaces presented to the adhesive will not always have the correct composition to ensure acceptable bond performance. There are myriad avenues for contamination of bond surfaces. Contact contamination occurs from unsanitary material handling. Common sources for these contaminants are through substandard wipers, contaminated solvents, and abrasives which contain release agents such as stearates. Aerosol contamination events from airborne substances such as cutting fluids, lubricants, and mold releases are well documented. Another less frequent but real source of contamination is from peel ply that was unintentionally coated with release agent from the manufacturer. Control of adhesive bonding operations to guarantee reliable bond performance requires careful, quantitative bond surface control along with methods for successful remediation of contaminated surfaces. This work describes the development of quantifiable, reliable, and easily deployable techniques for controlling bond surface properties in manufacturing and repair by i. ensuring that the composite surface has been prepared properly for bonding, and ii. if the surface has been identified as having been improperly prepared (e.g. contaminated), establishing quantifiable methods for remediation of the surface.

References: 1. 2. Kay Blohowiak, The Boeing Co., personal communication. 3. Upul Palligarayu, NIAR, personal communication. 4. John Webster, Northrop Grumman, personal communication. 5. Steve Twaddle, Brett Bolan, James Mazza, Justin Massey, Ed Harris, personal communications. 6. Johnson Palmer, M., Hanson, B., Clarkson, S., Engelstad, S., Bichon, B., Rousseau, C., Norwood, S., McFarland, J., Popelar, C., Weatherston, M., Oakley, B., Grigoriev, M., MacAdams, L. et al., 2016, “Phase II Report for the TRUST Program,” PMF-02129 Defense Technical Information Center

Conference: SAMPE 2020 | Virtual Series

Publication Date: 2020/06/01

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