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The Effect of Material Variability on the Pre-Gelation Behaviour of Prepreg Composites


Title: The Effect of Material Variability on the Pre-Gelation Behaviour of Prepreg Composites

Authors: Caitlin Duffner, Navid Zobeiry and Anoush Poursartip

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.20.0154

Abstract: Processes such as forming and AFP have become increasingly popular, and these manufacturing techniques require manipulation of the uncured pre-impregnated thermoset matrix composite material (prepreg). Interest in the initial state or pre-gelation behaviour of prepregs has grown due to these manufacturing trends as well as the increasing recent research connecting this regime to processing defects such as wrinkling and porosity. Historically, the pre-gelation behaviour of prepreg has been relatively unexplored due to the challenges that traditional testing methods have in handling the soft raw prepreg. It is shown here that Digital Image Correlation (DIC) can capture the prepreg behaviour through the entirety of a cure cycle on both a local and global level. This work presents the global response of the prepreg, showing the true pre-gelation response, which differs markedly from what has traditionally been presented as the expected behaviour. Additionally, the variability in local prepreg response can be linked back to local strain variations observed using DIC. With the insight into the variability of a ply and the pre-gelation strain response, the findings in this work emphasize the importance of understanding and accurately capturing the initial prepreg condition.

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Conference: SAMPE 2020 | Virtual Series

Publication Date: 2020/06/01

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