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Magnetic and Mechanical Characterization of Additive Manufactured Strontium Ferrite/Polyamide 12 Composites Using Twin-Screw and Single-Screw Extrusion


Title: Magnetic and Mechanical Characterization of Additive Manufactured Strontium Ferrite/Polyamide 12 Composites Using Twin-Screw and Single-Screw Extrusion

Authors: Camila Belduque, Ryan Robinson, Adrian Medina, Tanjina Ahmed, Rijul Kala, Wilhelmus Geerts, Jitendra Tate

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.21.0492

Abstract: Permanent magnets are crucial for innovative and sustainable applications in the automotive and energy industries, MRI applications, and magnetic shielding purposes, among others. Additive manufacturing technologies such as fused filament fabrication (FFF) provide promising opportunities to manufacture small orders of complex permanent magnets at an affordable cost with short lead times. To realize the full potentials of additive manufacturing, monofilaments are produced by dispersing suitable types and grades of magnetic powder in host polymers at higher loading levels. To achieve a magnetic behavior that competes at the level of conventional permanent magnets, the loading level of magnetic particles and the qualitative and quantitative dispersion of powder in the host polymer is crucial. In this research, 40wt% of SrFe12O19 magnetic powder was dispersed in polyamide 12 powder using two different processes, single-screw, and co-rotating twin-screw extrusion to produce high quality monofilaments. These filaments were further used to print the test samples using a Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) 3D printer. Samples were printed with and without an applied magnetic field. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis indicated the uniform dispersion of magnetic powder. A biaxial vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) was used to evaluate the magnetic anisotropic performance of both the filament and printed samples. Additionally, flexural properties were evaluated according to ASTM standards.

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Conference: SAMPE NEXUS 2021

Publication Date: 2021/06/29

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