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High-Toughness, Controlled Flow BMI Prepreg for Aerospace Application


Title: High-Toughness, Controlled Flow BMI Prepreg for Aerospace Application

Authors: Madelyn Milligan, Al Haro, Jonathan Hughes, Naoki Matsuura, Adrian Ohlfs, Sam Tollefsen, Toshiya Kamae

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.21.0513

Abstract: Existing bismaleimide (BMI) prepreg systems offer high use temperatures for aerospace applications, however they are also prone to low toughness and excessive resin flow during cure. To overcome these difficulties, a novel BMI prepreg system – T1100G/4000 – has been developed, featuring toughening and flow control technologies. It exhibits high compression after impact (CAI) equivalent to a toughened epoxy system, and consistent cured ply thickness (CPT) due to excellent flow control. Additionally, T1100G/4000 showed excellent open hole tensile strength (OHT) and no microcracking after 1200 thermal cycles. The development of this new system as well as the system’s performance will be explored in this paper.

References: [1] Iredale, R. J., Ward, C., Hamerton, I. “Modern advances in bismaleimide resin technology: a 21st century perspective on the chemistry of addition polyimides”. Progress in Polymer Science. Elsevier, 2016. [2] Boyd. J. “Bismaleimide composites come of age: BMI science and applications”. SAMPE Journal. Vol. 35, No. 6, November/December 1999, pp 13-22. [3] Endruweit, A., Choong, G.Y.H., Ghose, S., Johnson, B.A., Younkin, D.R, Warrior, N.A. De Focatiis, D.S.A. “Characterisation of tack for unidirectional prepreg tape employing a continuous application-and-peel test method”. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing. Vol. 114, pp 295-306. Elsevier, 2018. [4] Endruweit, A., De Focatiis, D.S.A., Ghose, S., Johnson, B.A., Younkin, D.R., Warrior, N.A. “Characterisation of prepreg tack on different surfaces to aid automated material placement”. 20th International Conference on Composite Materials. Copenhagen, July 19th-24th, 2015.

Conference: SAMPE NEXUS 2021

Publication Date: 2021/06/29

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