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Quasi-Static Indentation Testing of S-2 Glass Composites: Effect of Fabric Architecture and Matrix Non-Linearity


Title: Quasi-Static Indentation Testing of S-2 Glass Composites: Effect of Fabric Architecture and Matrix Non-Linearity

Authors: Bazle Z. (Gama) Haque, Ali I. Ayten, Eli D. Bogetti, Andrew J. Stack, Molla A. Ali, Sagar M. Doshi, Munetaka Kubota, Daniel J. O’Brien and John W. Gillespie Jr.

DOI: 10.33599/nasampe/s.22.0788

Abstract: A quasi-static indentation (QSI) experimental methodology has been used to study the effect of fabric areal weight (FAW) and sizing in combination with four different matrix resin systems on the punch-crush strength of S-2 glass fiber reinforced composites. Results show that the quasi-static punch crush strength is a strong function of FAW, and the quasi-static yield strength of matrix resins. The lowest crush strength of 869 MPa is found for the PW 24 oz/yd2 S-2 Glass fabric with 463 sizing and SC-15 resin, while the highest punch crush strength of 1602 MPa is found for the 8HS 9.02 oz/yd2 S-2 Glass fabric with 933 sizing and TGDDM matrix resin system; which is a 84% increase in punch crush strength for a low FAW fabric with a high yield strength matrix resin system.

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Conference: SAMPE 2022

Publication Date: 2022/05/23

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